Dialogue command issue

i have no idea why, but it wont execute battle command at all. Could somebody help me solve this?

Edit: added the whole code of dialogue

You’re saying “Dialogue line is “command”” but you don’t have any “command” dialogue lines in it.

I don’t think you need that parent event. I think you just need “Dialogue is running” as the parent event, then the other 2 should work?

Thank you for reply, and unfortunately that method didnt work for me (unless i messed something up)

i have discovered, that when the “battle” command is called, it stops running the dialogue, but doesn’t start new scene, or if i add some stuff like hide the player object, it doesnt do that. All it does is just stops running the dialogue. If needed, the topic is edited with the whole dialogue code, hope it helps.
edit: also forgot to mention, if you answer yes, everything works perfectly, as for answer “no”, it just stops the dialogue and doesn’t do anything until i talk to it again.