Dialogue tree ClippedLineText not working?

So i’m fiddling around with the dialogue tree looking at this specific video :

I pretty much did what was done on the tutorial with some modifications.

My problem here is that instead of the text scrolling like a typewriter it just deletes the text and nothing happens. If i change the DialogueTree::ClippedLineText() command to DialogueTree::LineText() there is no problem with it.

Here is the events tab if anyone is interested.

The only big difference compared to the video is that i preferred to create and delete the text file instead of showing/hiding and used the distance as a trigger instead of collision. Text is also the text line that reads Press ‘‘E’’ to interact. Not sure what i’m doing wrong here. Any help is appreciated.

Looking at the video, the big difference is that you have your scroll clipped text as a subevent of “e key is released”, which will not work as “e is released” is only true for a single frame.

This does not match any event sheet I can find in the video, and you need to drag that subevent to the left so it is no longer a subevent of “e key is released”.

Also, you’re missing the “dialogue is running (inverted)” on your e key is released event. Without that it’ll always start over.

Changing it from e key is released to e key is pressed completely breaks it and Press ‘‘E’’ to interact prompt doesn’t dissappear anymore when i press e even if i get out of the specified distance and close in the gap again. Same goes for going back in to the menus and reopening the level.

Getting rid of the subevent part completely breaks it aswell but this time rather than not making the prompt dissapear it just completely dissapears.

The big difference you mentioned is because i didn’t put anything to make the dialogue go faster , skip the dialogue and used distance as a trigger but instead of distance instantly triggering a dialogue i made it so it shows you an interact prompt first and the dialogue happens when you press the interact button.

Like i said it does work with DialogueTree::LineText() command (instantly shows the text instead of a typewriter effect) Same thing is also mentioned in the video comments so i’m guessing someone did it 1:1 with the video and still didn’t get it to work. Maybe something changed with the engine? The video was released 2 years ago.

Here is the comment:

I guess if i can’t work this out my best bet would be to either animate text and a dialog box myself with sprites/tiled sprites or try to mess around with the dialog box community extension.

I’d recommend looking at the dialogue/yarn examples in the engine.

Clipped text is desgined for displaying a portion of the string by a single character each time. You definitely cannot have it as a subcondition of a released event.

Also, it doesn’t seem that you are starting your timer anywhere? This videos may have been before timers had to be declared. You cannot use a timer in a condition before starting the timer via the start/reset action. I’d put the start timer action in your key released event (and a trigger once condition as a precaution) after moving the subevent out.

Yep , the issue was with the timer. You also were right about the subcondition part. However now i’m having a problem with the interact prompt not appearing. The text just automatically starts scrolling whenever i get close to the NPC now.

I’m trying to fix it myself but i’d still appreciate if anybody has an idea to make the dialog appear with a command after an interact prompt instead of instantly.