Dialogue tree 'Command Issue'. it doesn't work

I used <> in the dialogue tree.
But sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t work. There is no clue.

After i start the game, i started to dialogue. then 3 times in 10-try, command works.
But 7 times in 10-try it doesn’t work.

There is nothing different at every tries. Just i followed below step.

  1. Run game.
  2. Click the NPC
  3. Start the dialogue
  4. There is a command in Dialouge.
  5. So If command is triggered. For debugging, Text shows ‘command triggered’

In every try, All step were same…
i tried more than 100 repeat…
But at the step 5, Sometimes text change to “command triggered”, sometimes it doesn’t change.

Do you have any clue of this?

At first, i had used command to show image. And it doesn’t work well. so i thought because image size is too large. so i changed it to text for debugging. And now i realized just command doesn’t work properly…

My game file is 6 MB and have 60 images,
And I exported it as HTML

Thanks for your help please!


Can you give your Json file or part of it ?

I use a ton of customs commands in Yarn and it works really well with Gdevelop, all commands always trigger.
I guess the problem is in the redaction you use in Yarn or something else… I don’t use images in text so, maybe it’s this.

Check spaces between the last line and the command line, sometimes if there is a space the command doesn’t work correctly.

Can you share an example project? It will help us understand why the command is not working :slight_smile:

Zip the project’s folder and share it with us

Hello, please tell me how you got these Command. Thank you very much

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