Dialogue Tree / Select option by number

Hello all!

I have been trying to switch node in a dialogue tree by clicking on objects. And I feel like I am missing something…

There is cursor and two boxes.
The boxes have an ID corresponding to the option number.
when the cursor sprite touches one of the box, the object variable is used in the action Select option by number. Then confirm selected option.

Yet, nothing happens. Any little hint would be appreciated! Thanks!

I’m still figuring out the Dialogue Tree feature too, but maybe you can try using the box_counter variable as a condition. When it’s an action only, it basically just updates the variable value and needs to be a condition to trigger actions,the way you have “total_options” triggering “create object” actions. I suspect you have to do the same for option selection.


You could create a new “Sub Event below the final one” and add as a condition “Selected option has changed” and as an action you can move the “Confirm selected Option” to the final line. Hope that helps.

My problem is that even when I get the ID right when I select it, it allways shows me the next dialog as it was the ID of 1 choice.