Did we lose tilesets?

I was wondering, since I am creating a map that has editing using character actions and destruction coming soon (open world-large), if the tileset editor will be coming back. I know we have the tile sprite object, but its not the same. I think that editor does wonders for the software, and if it is still there I cannot find it :stuck_out_tongue:

Tilemap object is a native-only extension (was never developed for web), so it isn’t available in GD4 HTML5 projects nor GD5 (GD5 supports web platform only at the moment) :slight_smile:

Oh ok gotcha :slight_smile: That’s cool though! Ill find a way :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe 0 alpha collisions and sprites that change based on those collisions :wink:

Any prevision on when (and if) we will have tilemap in GDevelop 5?

It is on the roadmap. You can vote it up to make it a higher priority: