Different art styles

I’m wondering how to implement the option to toggle different art styles in my game. I’m guessing it’s some kind of combination of changing layers and a global variable but I’m very new to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you are only using sprites, use different animations for each art style. However, this won’t work though if you are using tiled sprites or panel sprites.

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Thank you! I kind of understand, but I’d still need to use a global variable to switch between them at any point, no?

Yes, that would be best to keep the art style consistent between scenes.

Also, if the animations are named with the art style as a prefix, then you can have multiple animations per art style.

For example, say you have steam punk and 8 bit as art styles, and a character that has animations for run, idle, jump. You could have a global variable string art_style to hold the name of the art style. And your character could have animations named steampunk_run, steampunk_idle, steampunk_jump, 8bit_run, 8bit_idle and 8bit_jump

To get the right animation would be a case of something like :

Condition :
Left key is pressed

Set player animation to GlobalVariableString(art_style) + “_run”


Thank you so much for your help! I’ll try my best!

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