Different graphic settings

I was just wondering if GDevelop supports different graphic setting for people with lower spec computers.
I mean like low, medium and high.

As someone who played of my games said that it lagged on his low spec pc but nobody else had any issues with lag

Thank you

GDevelop is a 2D game engine. There isn’t really any “low medium high” functionality because you’re not rendering different assets (or rather, different versions of an asset) like you would in a 3D engine.

That said, you as the game dev can implement whatever you want. So if you want to have a “low spec” option, you could set up a variable that can be changed by the user, and use that variable to determine what assets you show. If someone selected low, you could have half resolution assets, halve your game resolution, disable layer effects, or whatever you prefer.

This does mean that you have to set up all of your assets multiple times (one for each setting) and you are going to have to check for that variable in every scene.

All of that said, unless you have some weird bottlenecks in your event logic, anything you make in GDevelop (other than shape painters/lots of particle effects) should be playable on most modern devices. I have done testing on a Windows 7 tablet that is 10 years old without any bottle necks.

If someone is on an even older machine than that, it is unlikely there will be any amount of optimization you can do for them.