Different Screen Resolution and Aspect Ratios


I was building a game using Construct 2. Just before i needed a license to continue development i came across GDevelop. I am planning to move my project to GDevelop and continue development here.


I have a question about someting.

In Construct 2, i am using “screen guides” to work with mulptile aspect ratios. Like :

I am moving my window to the middle of the layout and setting my project scaling to “scale outher” im solving this different aspect ratio problem.

But, i couldn’t find this “Scale Outler” option in GDevelop.

What should i do. Is there an option for this, or i should change how i handle multiple ratio problem ?

Thank you.

I’m afraid there is no option for that. Who knows, it could be in next version though!

What does this “Scale Outler” option precisely does?

For native game, the window size if fixed. You can however resize it, in which case graphics are stretched. You can also specify an option in the action that resize the window to make sure that graphics are not streteched, but the game area is expanded instead.
For HTML5 game, the canvas size is by default the size that you’ve entered in the game properties. If the window is too small, the canvas is reduced (aspect ratio is preserved). Finally, if you use the action to go full screen, the canvas take all the space that is available in your browser. Here again, you can choose to keep the aspect ratio (if you choose no, the canvas take the whole space and graphics are stretched).

Hopefully that should cover everything that you need, but feel free to explain if you need something more :slight_smile:

Here is an interesting article about Construct’s scaling methods.

Edit: I looked it up, and found the layers editor in the scene tab. Still don’t understand how to make it 16:9 by stretching the play area, and not the sprites.
(Upscaling, or equally stretching, is fine, streeeetching them out unequally isn’t.)

I guess I just ignored the layers editor.

I also assumed resolution to be in a general options area.

Making the layers editor more intuitive and obvious that it is where you set resolution would certainly be helpful.

Edit2: There’s also a “game window” actions in the event actions.

[size=65]How exactly do I do this? I’d like to expand the play area a little, and maybe stretch it slightly(I.E. 1920x1080 full screen, with sprites scaled up(say, 2x), if the stretching doesn’t work 100% for the sprites, then I can scale them up individually).[/size]

Ideally I’d have a fixed ratio of screen-size to play area(if 16:9, natch,), and a resolution switcher would change either the scaling or the sprites used, and the play area to match.
But I’d settle for manual.

I don’t think I’m going to bother with HTML5, just native.