Different stages of an action = specific animation frames

Hello everyone,

Once more, I’m stuck.

I animated one of my characters but realise that the speed of the animation doesn’t necessarily match the actual movement in the scene. A good example is the jump action; My character has different stages drawn, including a point where it’s supposed to be at the top of its jump and another slammed to the ground.

I saw that in Platformer behaviour, Falling exists, so I tried to integrate this in the event sheet, hoping it would play a selected part of the frames (say a loop between 2 middle frames) and then once touching the ground, play the end of the animation.

The animation in 6 frames :

The current scene :

Event sheet:

Thank you all very much in advance.

Split the animation for jump and fall
Jump will then stay on the last frame until player is falling the animation will switch.

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Sorry for replying late and thank you, that helped a lot!

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I also used a ‘distance’ between platform and character to switch to the last frame (where character crashed. Added a 0.2 wait before Idle so we see him crashed for a few moments before it goes back to idle on the platform.

(Hope that helps anyone with a similar goal)