Digging mechanics like in old MotherLoad flash game

Im making a game similar to motherload - chill casual mining grind game.

The game mechanics that i made is basically main character (platformer behavior) starts to go towards gold ore (platform behavior) and when this happens the block starts to play an animation of being depleted, when it is done it deletes itself. (i even adjusted collusion masks for each frame of the animation to make the character can be as close as possible to what is being left from the block).

My question is: Is my game structure even correct? or there is a much easier way to be able to mine objects? And also i want to achieve same smoothness of mining like Motherload game- there, if you start to mine an ore your character will be dragged towards it untill the ore is mined and you dont have the option to move away. But in the game i did if i move away the animation of depletion continues. Please help