Direction of health bar (SOLVED)

This is probably a silly question.

I’ve created two “conventional health bars”, from the tutorials. One for player 1 (on the top left of the screen and one for player 2 (on the top right of the screen)

But when the game starts player 2’s health bar extends to the right going out of the scene.

how do I get the health bar to extend towards the left. (I cant get the thing to flip and work exactly like player 1’s but in the opposite direction)

Thank you

You need to flip it and change the origin point of the bar.

Thank you, that worked. facepalm

would you be able to help me one more time?

I want the character to gain xp and increase its health over time but how can I keep the health bar at one size and not have it “grow/extend” further than it should?

I suppose you can set a size limit, that’s what conditions are for. :wink: