Direction of the enemy does not work

I have a problem with the direction of the enemy, I create the events as they appear in the lining but my events do not work, I don’t know if I should put simulate left key to my enemies or not, but I have another question, is there a way to do that if something it is in an invisible layer and that moves along with the screen, is there a way to make it not move while on the screen and another layer?

It won’t work if you forget the “quotes”.
Also, you’re mixing object variables and global variables.
There are ‘back and forth’ extensions, if you want. :slight_smile:

well I don’t know if I need the text variable that I have created and also a global variable, should I delete the text that I have created? well another question is there a way to make that if an object is on the screen and it is in another layer it does not move when my character walks?

You should create a different topic for a different issue, and give more details.

I didn’t say you should delete the text, I don’t know your game, only you knows what’s best :slight_smile:
Read my message again about the variables, you are mixing different types, you cannot do that.