Directories as in construct 3


Could you add directories to your constructor like in construct 3?

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There are tags for scene objects:

The rest is available through the project manager. These engines have different approaches and architecture.

thanks but what about the events. I cannot create a new event sheet and I have to work in one single one. Is there a way to solve this problem?

just when there is too much code in one sheet, then you start to get confused in all this

In the project manager, you can see that you can create external event sheets, external layouts (I suppose, these are like global layers in Construct, only moved to a separate part, I have not tried them yet), behavior.
As far as behaviors are concerned, this is a very powerful thing. In Construct, behaviors are created via JavaScript and installed as plugins. In GDevelop, you can create behaviors (via an event sheet) and use it in a specific project. For example, we described all the logic for controlling the character in a separate behavior for the current project and simply attach it to the object. However, you can assign dependencies so that when you assign an object, another behavior (such as Platformer) is automatically bound to it. I advise you to familiarize yourself with these possibilities. My test project now looks like this:

I brought out the control of each object into separate behaviors and already assign them to sprites and add them to the level.

I will add:
Objects are different from what is in Construct. When you create a sprite in Construct, you can create it in any scene. In GDevelop, objects are created within the scene, creating a new object there will not be. But for it to appear there, you need to mark it as global. In this case, it will simply become available in all scenes, but its state will not be transferred from scene to scene.

thanks a lot for the great answer. I’m just a beginner in this constructor, but I’ll soon be a professional if this game constructor of course comes to me

I just want to try to create an undertale game on it if it will be possible of course

if there are new difficulties, I will write here. thanks again

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Many links to the engine are collected here: For new users - Must read this before post in How do I...?
Good luck! =)