Disable actions

Hi there! Pretty simple, since we can disable events with the d key and it strikes through all the events in the given condition, I think i’d be helpful if we could as well disable singular actions on an event so we can test further, thank you, cheers.


I was always wondering would that be possible and i was hoping one day that feature will be implemented
But then i started to think
I already hate disabling many events and enabling them
And disabling different actions or conditions would not make me happier

But for now i simply make copy of event CTRL+C CTRL+V
I disable top event keeping it as backup
And i simply remove or add conditions/actions in lower event
While i simply can copy conditions or actions from top event without switching disabled stated

In addition to that i can mess around with bottom event like change values variable names or whatever else since i still have original in top event

I think it is just matter of preference

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By any chance is this a message prompted by ChatGPT??

I may have forgotten to use the “reply” feature but it was meant to reply to the user “sho”


Most likely , it’s suspicious