Disable auto update Gd5

In Gd5, if an update is available, it download it and install it at the next restart of Gdevelop.

Wouldn’t it be nicer to let the user decide if yes or no the update have to be instaled ?

Because recently Gdevelop updated to 27, and it break color event and storage event, so I have to download Beta26, do my things, and when I shutdown my pc for any reason and start back Gdevelop, it auto update to Beta27 and I can’t play with those events anymore.

I think it would be cool to have like a switch button to let Gdevelop auto update or no, so if an update break stuff/events we used to play with, then we can stay in the previous version and report them on the forum and wait until an update fix it.

I had the same suggestion long ago.

Fortunately, my AV using something called “Default-Deny” protocol which means every single unknown file considered a threat and not allowed to run unless I give permission manually or the file trying to run from a trusted/ignored location on my hard rive. It blocks the GD installer whenever it trying to run and alert me if I allow it or not. In case you are using an AV, it might have a similar option in the settings.

An other possible work around could be to simply block GD from accessing the internet in your firewall.

Awesome idea! Didn’t even think about that! :mrgreen:
Indeed, using Avast Internet Security, I added Gdevelop5 in the firewall protection : prntscr.com/iwe9ro
And so Gdevelop5 don’t auto update anymore, thanks @ddabrahim !
Let’s hope @4ian or @Lyzard think about adding this feature in the future

Well… the idea has problem Im confront to and force me to not block it…
Im using database to post score and create leaderboard, so Gdevelop need internet access to post and get those info, so I can’t block internet connection for it…
So until they release a switch button to on/off auto update, im gonna have to use the last one, with the bugs and features it got…

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