Disable emoticon to emoji auto-replacement on the forum

Hi there, this is like the Discord feature that everyone disables

Whenever you put : and ) together or some others, it gets replaced with the emoji equivalent the moment you post it, I don’t expect this to happen nor like it, if you wanna use emoji’s you can easily do it with most mobile keyboards or if you’re in windows with the windows key + . Or ;
Or just by searching it on Google and copying and pasting it

Doing : and ) puts this one :slightly_smiling_face: and I don’t know, it really annoys me, the only scenarios where I see it are passive aggressive and I don’t wanna communicate that to the kind helpers =)

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Yes, I’ve also wanted to express myself with just text emojis. I just did an experiment to see if I could beat the system ;) It’s not ideal but I found that if you put the characters in as preformatted text it works but displays a background. :)

:/     :)

But I guess to do it properly would mean getting the service that GD uses to change as I doubt there’s anything GD can do about it.

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