Disable Extension(s) to focus on game performance

I want a feature that allows for disabling extensions in a project.

This is because I often install extensions I wanna use later in the project but now the extension may or may not have initialization events for it to start working even if i’m not using the extension just yet.

Allowing for extensions to be disabled allows for the game to not take longer times to load when the extension isn’t even used yet. The developer can then focus on optimizing loading time with the extension enabled when it’s time to use it in their project.

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As this was mentioned on the discord, to close the loop on this:

  1. You don’t have to disable extensions. Extensions are only included in the export/previews/etc if they’re used. Meaning only if they’re actively added as a behavior on an object, scene, or their conditions/actions in the event sheet. I’ve tested this and confirmed this to be accurate, the extensions do not show up in the profiler if they’re not actively used.
  2. If for some reason the above isn’t enough, you can always just right-click on the extension from the list and uninstall it.
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