Disable keyboard

I want to disable keyboard for my game. In android there is no problem but in preview of Gdevelop the main object responds to cursor keys and I want to move it by code not by keys.
Anyway to fully disable keys?? I tried disable default controls and topdown behaviour but don’t work

You need just a variable in your key press event.
e.g. keysActive = 1

and what do I do with that variable?

Maybe I do not understand your questioncorrectly, but if you set the veriable to 0, your keyboard/touchkeys are disabled.
For this disable default controls and create your own.

i don’t see an event for this, I’ve found any key is pressed condition.
Can you write here the code, please?

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will try this week, thanks
didn’t work, but noticed that my sprite had TopDown Behavior as default so I deleted it and no more reactio to keys :smile: