Disable multitouch

I wrote a program that I need to disable multi-touch app for mobile?
Can you tell me how to disable multi-touch?

Just don’t check for multi-touch?

Otherwise, try the following (haven’t tried it myself, so I’m not 100% on it):

I did this but it didn’t work
I want it to be single touch and not multi-touch

Hi there, I have a similar issue in my project. But the thing is, touch devices track touches. If that behavior is interfering with an aspect of your project, your job as a developer is to come up with a creative solution. This is going to be pretty specific to your project, because it depends on why and how the extra touches are interfering with it. If you can tell what’s going on, someone here might be able to give you some advice or creative ideas.

There is also a multitouch example which is really a great way to understand multitouch and might give you some ideas.

Thank you for your opinion
I’m having trouble with a picture matching game

Have you seen the pairs example? It’s a card matching game. It’s missing a check that allows you to click on multiple tiles per move. It can be improved if you add the action the number of cards picked =1. This will block multiple simultaneous presses.


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thanks Keith
But it doesn’t work if the user clicks for example with five fingers at the same time

It should work. As long as each sprite is either the same instance or in a group. The number of instances = 1 should cancel out any multitouches for that event. Unless another event is being trigger then it would also need the instances count condition.

Can you post a screenshot of your mouse/touch event(s)?

I’m just going to verify that when I tested the Pairs example without adding @Keith_1357 suggested improvement, it did let me pick as many cards as I had fingers down at the same time. But after I added the suggested line, it no longer allowed this.

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I’d like to see alimoallem80’s mouse events. Maybe there’s another event effecting it or maybe it’s as simple as the order which the conditions are arranged.

Thank you, it worked. I did what you said and took the test. It was done
Thank you again for your help