Disable Platform Grabbable Action

Is there a disable platform grabbable action for platform behaviors?
I place all of my collisions manually because I use LDtk, and my character can ledge grab slopes and the collision below it. They get stuck on these platforms and it can be very frustrating during combat. I want to make an event for each object if the collision’s angle is tilted, it makes the platform not grabbable.

Hi, I don’t think there’s an action to disable / enable ledge grabbing. You’ll have to use 2 platform objects one with the ledge grabbing turned on, and another off. And only place platforms with ledges where you want the player to be able to grab.

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Agreed with the above. You can set up a complex event with points and the disable grab action for a platformer character, but you are better off with a separate object for nongrabbable platforms.


I guess that is technically possible. They are correct, though.

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Think smarter not harder buddy

Maybe adding your suggestion without insults would be a smarter thing to do.

Unfortunately, you appear to have missed the original question. It was explicitly about making a specific or specific sets of angled platforms not grabbable via events. Not turning off the platformer character’s ability to grab entirely, which would apply to all platforms.

As I mentioned above, it may be possible by using additional custom points on the platformer character and turning off it’s ability to grab at certain times via events, but not reliable nor would it be efficient.

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I already made that complex system, but it’s not super effective. I’ll try adding another object over top for it.
And Phoenix, I was kind of recommending they add an action to disable a platform’s ledge grabbing instead of the player’s. I understand the confusion though

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