Disable "wall" climbing?

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I’m trying to make a platformer, people should go to the right.
However, when somebody decides to go left, they fall off the level.
So I want to put an invisible wall there (may be visible while developing, has to be invisible when making the game public).
So, I added a platform that is placed as a wall, and now people can’t jump off as easily, great!
except that people can now climb it.

How can I disable the climbing for the “walls”?


Disable the “grabbing edge” option on the object, in the platform behaviour.

Also, if you just want to make an “always run” platformer (wich is the case from what i understand), why don’t just disable the left key ?

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Disabling the left key is not an option, as some actions require you to walk back (like placing a bomb and you know… not get blown up by it yourself :smiley:)

I’ve disabled the option that says “Ledged can be grabbed”, but the player can still climb up it.

Here is the screenshot in gDevelop of the wall:

And here is the player climbing it:

I hope this gives a bit more insight :slight_smile:


I can’t reproduce the wall climbing, but is the platform scaled on Y? Try to rotate the platform 90°, so the ground face the player, this way:

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Hii There,

This seemed to have worked!
I had to rotate it -90 degrees however, but in the end it worked!

Tho I think GDevelop should have a function/behaviour that says: “wall” with option “can be climbed”

Yep and a control designed for it, both in the platformer extension. it’s a good idea.

So I’ve been looking all over for a solution to this problem. And although you guys came up with a solution it still doesn’t work atleast for me. The player can climb any platform on each side and it’s irritating

I actually encountered the same problem as you and their solutions didn’t work for me as well. What I did instead is that I set a variable where the character’s jump speed is 0 (Which means he won’t be able to jump) whenever he encounters a wall. This is what the code looked like.

Keep in note that this also works whenever he encounters a certain wall, you will just need to make a new object for it and make it invisible.

Do you have the platform object set as a “ladder”? That’s the only time I’ve been able to climb any platform. The jumping in my game isn’t very high either unless you used a certain potion or crystal; only then have I been able to jump over a wall unless the wall is made higher than I can jump whether the speed is normal or “boosted”.

You can make invisible walls with platforms by setting the opacity on the tiled sprite to 0 as well.

You don’t have to set a new object every time; just make an object group and put all of the walls in that group, and call that group in your code.