Disable warning to remove references

When you delete an object from a scene, you get a pop-up:
Outside the fact that it should be Yes/No buttons, I don’t think I’ve ever clicked OK on that.
Usually, I remove objects:

  • Because I created the wrong type, so I’ll create it again with the same name but different type (standard sprite to tiled sprite or vice-versa).
  • Because I updated it in another scene, so I’ll remove it and copy-paste it.
  • Or because I want to set it as global, so I remove it from every scene before switching one of them to global.

If some of you use it, I would like to know.:arrow_down:

Either way, I would like to be able to disable that pop-up (through Preferences).

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This could be save as preference if we want see or not this message.

And i agree with you, yes/no buttons are better^^

We can improve this dialog box with more options, like a checkbox for remember the choice and add the option in “hint” preferences.

Checkbox would be scene-specific or project-specific, I guess. If I had to choose, I would prefer a general setting, because I never use it in any project. If we could have both, well, it’s better for everyone, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s probably not the best way to proceed, but I prefer to keep the obsolete events (disabled) for a while, in case I change my mind, I forgot what I have to redo with the new object, or I need something similar. #scared #lazy #hoarder

I actually use the “OK” a lot, in my game I copy and paste scenes a lot to create new scenes that are similar to other scenes. So sometimes I will have objects from other scenes that I don’t need in this scene so when I delete it I also want to delete all of it’s code, so that pop up really helps. Though it would be much better if it said “YES” and “NO” instead of “OK”

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