Disabling button controls while animation plays

Im in the process of designing a platformer and im trying to stop my character from cancelling his animations with other button commands. i’ve just recently figured out how to use variables and fixed a few options on my own, but more complex options like 2 button press inputs keep interrupting certain animations. Is there an action option that stops/pauses button inputs completely? (for example: player animation is set to 1= disable buttons) ps: ive tried deactivating platformer behavior but it hasn’t worked.

I’ve not made a platformer-type game, so there might be better ways than this, but in my game I have an ‘interactive’ boolean variable that controls when the player can interact with the game or not. All my button events have a condition that ‘interactive’ = TRUE, and when I want to disable interactions (e.g. when showing a message), I set it to FALSE.

Works for me, so perhaps something similar would work in your case.


o i haven’t tried that yet, i’ll give it a shot. thank u!

If you are making use of a behavior for your game, just disable the behavior! Re-enable once the animation is finished.

For example:

Here I used key presses but you can change the conditions to match your needs.


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If you ae using the default controls, just turn those off. The platform behaviour will still be active, but the controls will be ignored,