Disclose to my users what GDevelop metrics is collecting?

I have added an option to my game to let users opt-out of the metrics collection that is available in the game, but I believe I should be able to point them to what is actually being collected, or some sort of privacy policy. However… I don’t actually know what’s being collected or how it’s being retained.
So currently I’m just pointing my users to this page:
Because, well that’s all the info that I have.

Any ideas?

I checked the gdevelop privacy policy here:

It’s more about the web page than what the engine is collection though.

It would be nice if there was a privacy policy specifically for what the engine collects that we could point our users at.

These datas are collected when the metric is enable in game:

game id: A unique ID for the game. Format is a GUID totally anonymous like 382c74c3-721d-4f34-80e5-57657b6cbc27, used for idenify which game is used.
player id: A unique ID for the player in the current game. Format is a GUID totally anonymous like 382c74c3-721d-4f34-80e5-57657b6cbc27 used for identify a unique player on a game.
game name: from the game properties
package name: from the game properties
version: from the game properties
URL : the current URL where is located the game
is a cordova env: Like Android
device platform: Windows, Linux, Mac, etc…
navigator platform: Chrome, Firefox, etc…
has touch screen : if yes how many touch
And when the player have used the game.

All these datas are anonymized, we can’t know if Brad 11 years old living with their grand ma use a game made with GDevelop sit on a pillow after the dinner with fries and chicken.
We just know that 382c74c3-721d-4f34-80e5-57657b6cbc27 have used a game made with gdevelop on a specific hardware and when.

It used only for analyzing the performance of the games.

Hello just a thought,
It would be good if a member of the GDevelp staff who knows exactly what the data is, write a wording in the privacy policy so that all those users who want to include analytics can know exactly what data is being collected.

Then in our games we can notify players what data is collected and what the purposes of data collection are.

I say this more than anything because of the strict policies of Google Play when it comes to collecting data.

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Yes, this is exactly what I would like.
We need somewhere authoritative to point our users at.

There is a contact section with a email for contact someone about the Privacy Policy on the previous link above:

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