Displacementmap as object

I would love to have the displacement map as an object to manipulate its position, size etc. during runtime. this would make it also easier to animate it.

Unfortunately, I believe the displacement map is just a part of the filter effect, rather than something happening with the engine logic itself, so I’m not 100% sure this is something that could be done.

I think you can update the texture via the effect parameters as long as you have the other texture file added to resources. Otherwise you can only scale on x/y as that’s all that is available in the filter.

Someone with more knowledge on it may be able to chime in, but this appears to be true even for the base PixiJS displacement map filter.


With a bit of technical knowledge it should be possible to add an offset of the filter, but this mean we should edit the filter from PIXI and it’s a pain to maintain a lib edited because we need to echo all edits if we update the inital lib.
Or we can ask to the PIXI team to support the offset but I don’t think they will agree.