Display 2 scenes in one at the same time

Is there anyway to display two scenes at the same time

I don’t think so, why are you wanting to do this? If you told me I may be able to come up with an alternative

I wanna make the first scene for the game itself and the second scene for the map and display it on the firstscene .

Like this

For that you should use layers, not scenes.

I know that , what i want is when the player moves the minimap moves too

Just like gta sa the map follows the player and he can see the places around him wherever he goes.

I was thinking about displaying the whole map on the screen but hidden, and only the pixels of the map thar are in collision with the “minimap hit_box”
are shown

Implement an external layout and name it UI or Hud, then add an external event for that layout.

Can you show me exactly how to do that ,if you don’t mind. Thanks

Two scenes would not do what you’re looking to do.

What you’re looking for is two viewports, which is not currently possible in GDevelop.

You can see how I did the basic minimap principles (for a metroidvania style one) here: GDevelop Dynamic Map by Silver-Streak

The concept would work relatively similar for what you’re wanting to do, and will involve a decent amount of math.