Display count down timer of 1 scene to other

thanks for helping everybody ,i have one question and this is going to be last part of my game,
as you can in screen shot , i have three global variables ,Time,Sec and TimerCount

Time and Sec are working to run the time, i want to display the last recorded time in next scene!!!

like if clock is at 12s and scene ended ,the next scene must say u completed task at 12 s

but problem is i m unable to do it

I have added a third GLOBAL variable called timer count,BUT I CANt display it in next scene…

so is there way we can put up last time displayed in previous scene to next scene???

this is my next scne where i want to display time

Timecount / TimeRcount

okay i searched it on internet and i found it out the solution

pretty straight forward!!!

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