Display data in grid like in Excel


I’m wanting to use GDevelop for a slightly different approach to gaming: I’d like to present a table (like Excel’s) where the user would see various data and choose a row to get more information.

Is there any resource/technique in GDevelop that allows me to assemble something similar to the Excel grid?

I say this visually, I’m not referring to structuture data types.

I really liked GDevelop and I believe I will be able to enjoy it a lot.

Hi, I assume you want user to be able to click / select a row and then display some text.
That’s similar to an inventory system, except the inventory items are text rather than images.
Text is like a Sprite object, so I think you can use it along with structure variables to make each specific row display a specific text instead, and modify each Text’s size dynamically for different row / cell sizes.

I’m on mobile data right now though so cannot look up YouTube to see if anything similiar has been done. Good luck!

:wave: Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
Visually, you can create your grid by using variables for X and Y coordinates, and nesting two event loops together, one for rows, and one for columns.
It’ll do: place button at X and Y, add some width to X, place button, add some width, place button, etc.
And when the line is finished, reset X, add some height to Y, and start over.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I had thought about this approach but I’m afraid it will take a lot to implement this type of element. If I had something ready it would be very practical.

If I manage to implement it or have another approach I will post it here to share it with everyone.

You could try that extension, it should do what I described above: