Display GDevelop Logo In Every Loading Screen

Is there a legit easy way already to activate the startup logo “made with GDevelop” in every loading screen with a checkmark for exported games?
If not, it would be awesome if it would be added.

Could be a nice addition for the Branding section inside of the Game properties / Branding and loading screen.

In this edited screenshot, the color green is depicting how it could look like:

Why would you want a feature like that? usually in games the engine, the company etc… are only shown at the beginning, in the loading screens Interludes usually go there, game tips, small easter eggs, and today with such fast loading times they don’t exist almost no more loading screens.

Such a loading screen could just promote them even more in some cases. ;D

Ye, it is a little bit thinking outside of the box in contrast of the current fashion of loading screen designs.