Display linked objects in the inspector

What : in the inspector, when viewing an object instance, display which other objects instances it is linked to.

Why : it would make it easier to understand and debug objects linking.


Can you provide detail on what you mean by linked objects in this case, or what you mean by “inspector”?

If by inspector you mean the scene editor, objects are linked via events and only happen at runtime, so links don’t exist when not running the game. The scene editor wouldn’t have anything to display, so I wanted to get clarification incase a dev takes a look at this.

By linked object I mean : the objects linked at run time using the actions in the group called “Linked Objects”
And by inspector, I mean the thing called “inspectors” in the debugger.

So the idea is to be able to better follow who is linked to what at run time.

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Thanks! That makes more sense and helps clarify for if/when a staff member takes a look at this.

Nice ! We will see if it would be of any use for anyone else…

I can confirm that the debugger/inspector showing linked objects would be of use to me too, since I’ve just discovered it doesn’t, gone to search for that, and found this thread :slight_smile:

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