Display time of object timers for each object

Dear All,

Similar questions have been asked before and it shouldn’t be very difficult to solve the problem but somehow I am not able to do so.

I create squares on mouse-click and each square has an object timer. I just want to display the time of each object timer individually above each square. That sounds not very difficult but I cannot find the right position in my events to start the timer.

If I do it as shown in the events the timer of each object is as expected reset again when a new square is created - which is not what I want.
I tried to put the “start the timer”- action in a For each-condition but the timer is not starting (at least that’s what the text-object displays). The same happened when I dragged the action in a block below the creation-event. I also tried to start the time based on boolean object variables but without success.
How can I solve this problem?

If you are precreating all of the objects and the squares in the scene, you’ll need to give each an ID variable and use that to link them up (Look at the “object timers” example to see that in action).

It looks like you’re generating the objects via events, though, so you should link the square/text object with the object that has the timer after creating the timer object. Then “Take into account all Squares linked with Object” as a condition. That’ll have it narrow to the square that is linked to that specific timer.

Take a look at the “Object Timers” example to see this in action.


That’s right.

I see, I will do that.

As always, thanks a lot for your support.

(As soon as I get it to work I will post the events here as reference).

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