Display Time on text, using ":" as decimal or something?

I want to display time like they display it on normal games, Like this “01:34”,"10:02"and so I am able to display time like “1.2” but I don’t wanna use “.” as decimal in time. How would I do that?

You have to format it yourself, I think I’ve explained it… here: [url]Timers for an Event]

I think I can do that but how would I get zero before the seconds. like this “02:04”.
Thanks by the way that helped alot.

Here is somebody doing it: [url]Clock with Date and Time]
Basically, when you turn the number into a string, check if the number is < 10, if so add a “0” (you can do that with strings), so if you have to show 2 seconds, as 2 < 10 then the seconds string will be “0” + ToString(Variable(seconds)) :slight_smile: