Display username

Hello I want to display the username of a player. First I want to get the username and store the username with these events:

Then I want to display the username in another scene. For this I have these events:

Are the events I use right or not? And what should I put after ‘set to’ with the ‘change the text’ condition? Thanks for helping out.

Yes, those events should be fine. It seems a bit odd to store it, but I’m guessing that’s not part of the events you’re asking about (If it is, it shouldn’t interfere. It’s just superfluous), but just part of a thing that stores progress. Make it say:
“set to GlobalVariable(Username)”


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I miss a “read storage” action in the other scene.
There you define a scene variable, these you have to use to change the text.

If you just want to display it in a different scene, you don’t need a storage, global variables are enough.

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I though it was necessary to store the value of the variable if you want to ‘remember’ the value of the variable when reopening the app. Is that true? Thanks for the answers btw

For app reopening yes.
But you didn’t say anything about it, you just wanted to display in another scene. Therefore the hint. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jack for the answer!