Distorted image on different Devices

on some devices my game is not render properly. Some sprites have pixels on wrong side. I pick " no change to game size " option from properties. My screen size is 112x200 px., sprite is 48x48px big.
Does someone know how to fix it?


Can you give some details as to which devices work and which don’t? OS, screen size, export format?

I try it on android Moto e5 low budget phone(display 960x480, Ram 1 gb) and everything is working perfect. Then i try it on android Moto g7 power here on the more expensive phone i get the problem. His display is 1520x720 and Ram 4gb. I pick automatic export and download .Apk file. On both phones the ration is not 16x9. My game is 112x200px witch is 16x9.