Ditch wav support in favor of ogg

Wav files are enormously big, especially if you want good sound samples. So why not ditch them in favor of ogg files? Music/sound classification will still be there, though it’ll be more logical than format-wise.

Wav files are more handy to use since a lot of sounds effects can be found on the internet in WAV format, and for these very small sound effects ( guns, explosions… ), files are not so big.

Yeah, but if you have 600 sounds in your game for e.g. very advanced shooter where every weapon has different shoot reload and recoil sounds size does matter. You know what? Just give us such OPTION and everyone’ll be happy. Yeah, we can play sfx as music, but it may get us in trouble when we would want “real music” (anyone remember midi-switching issue in MMF/TGF when in same scene you wanted to change midi currently playing and it resulted in major fps loss afterwards?)