Do not forget to vote for GDevelop

Here is a list of websites where you can vote for Game Develop: If you find GD interesting, do not hesitate to contribute to make it more visible! :smiley: (A website containing a list of engines for indie developers. Originally mentioned by ddabrahim here) (You can make a full review of GD on this website) … me-develop (You can also make a review of GD on this website)

Already did, thanks! Can you post links to mod/indiedb as well so we could vote there?

Added these websites, thanks! Note that you can also do full review on these website so feel free to do it if you have some spare time :slight_smile:

Game Develop is listed on … me-develop
Feel free to add your review so as to make GD more popular! :slight_smile:


Add it to steam greenlight. I bet people would be willing to pay to get it from there :wink:
Stay competitive!

Yes, but alas registering on steam cost 99€ :confused:
Thanks for your vote :slight_smile:

So start saving for greenlight pay! I’m sure if the tool would be on Steam, more people would use it.

You may also try to contact Valve directly to see if they could make it so you can bypass GL process.

Agree, can’t be a bad investment. The Game Maker and Construct 2 community keep growing on Steam,
if GD can be released as the first truly free game maker on Steam (not a limited version as GM and C2 free versions) that could benefit GD.
Workshop would be great also, to be able to release games made with GD on Steam Workshop.

Otherwise I was looking at Amplicate

Maybe worth it to put GD on here, but I have no idea how. I have sent a message to the Amplicate Team and asked them to add GD under Game Engines, but they s***t on my head. If I try to open a topic, enter my opinion and press send, it say thanks for my opinion, but the topic is nowhere, nothing happens :confused: Same with new categories, If I try to create a new category, nothing.
I have no idea how it works, but I think would be great to get GD on Amplicate somehow I mean in a nice fashion with a custom icon for the topic and link + short description of GD on the side when you open it, not only an empty topic only with pure opinions and some ads.

you could try getting in touch with Phronix: … px=MTU2Mzg

They are currently on the lookout for viable game engines on linux.

Every time you release a new version, they can write an article about it.

Other websites:

But really, the big one is Steam. Especially right now when they are releasing STEAMOS- potentially the best target distribution for gamedevelop.

another popular news website worth noting is OMG ubuntu:

They are interested in any opensource or linux related news -funding as well … g-campaign

Awesome! I’ll surely show my support by voting for it and offering a review at some point, however the review won’t come until I’ve played about with it some more :stuck_out_tongue:

So far so good, I love it!!


Thanks! :smiley:

Btw now you have the opportunity to show it off with the new icons tomorrow - great time for screenshots :smiley:

An image with a new game open. I wish we had a new game to open for every new release. It makes it feel major

I considered making a game using the pathfinding, you can still open “Pathfinding.gdg” in the examples, but I didn’t had much time to create a real game, just this example. :slight_smile:

You can now vote for Game Develop on … me-develop :smiley:

Cool! Already voted!


A voté !

I added an entry to Slant: … gdevelop#2

Please vote it up. :smiley:

Strange, there is already an entry here: … me-develop

But it is in two different categories, so vote for both :smiley: