Document creation firebase

How to i can create a document in firebase???
i whant every new player register in game… create a fresh personal document whit personal field… i try whit “write” and whit “add” but not working
tnk in andvace

First, you add it, then you write it. I suppose. I haven’t used Firebase much.

no not working… i try but nothing appear

when we talk about firebase no one come… why???

Usually, when no answer comes, it’s because either nobody knows, or the answer is too obvious, or because you didn’t provide enough information to receive help.
Share a screenshot of the events related to your issue, and compare your project with the Firebase examples.

no my friend is very easy i just want know how to create a document in firebase database whit g develop… no hard question look in screen

User i have made in firebase but need made whit g develop

and this and other not working

Is this not what you want?

yeah… and i use it… look a second screen shoot but no working

The part that says “store result” is supposed to help you figure out what’s going on. You don’t seem to be using it.

how to use it?? can you help?? what i do ? i never understand what is a function of “store result in state”

The result of the action is stored in a variable. Enter the name of the variable and check the content of the variable to see the result.
This is explained in a warning at the top of the wiki page for Firebase.

If you’re not willing to learn how to use the Firebase features, don’t use them.

and i have try to use a variable… i named callback… but nothing change… i want lear about gdevelop but if no have detail in the wiki… how i can???
now you send me this link
have you read??? he talk about what you can do… but not explain how you do… is different

look my friend

now i try to look what is a result… give me 0

i told you… i have tried a lot of way is 3 month… i want pay… but no one want help…

try to understund me… i want create a document and result in stroe is 0…

It may be your firebase configuration string… You havent added a "

For example:

“AppId:” “123636”
“AppName:” “game”

A ‘0’ indicates an uninitialised string. In your case, the firestore function didn’t execute and didn’t write to your variable callback.

Your problem is that you need the word player in double quotes. The function expects a string as the document parameter.


i am having the same problem add document isnt working

you need to pass the root of a structure variable in “Variable to write”
adddoc() expects an object but was passed a “”