Does anyone have any ideas how to make a condition for if one player is on top of another?

For static enemies, you can use ‘if player is falling’

but in this case i have two players who both move and jump. when they collide, i want to award a point to whoever jumps on the head of the other. not sure what conditions i can use for this though.

You could add two rectangle sprites to each player, one roughly covering the top of the head and one roughly covering the feet area. These sprites can be hidden at the start of the scene.

If one player’s feet sprites touch the other player’s head sprites, consider it a hit.

How does that sound? If it’s a bit confusing, could make a tutorial on it.

Either invisibles sprites or just custom points.
If Player1’s feet point is in collision with Player2, Player1 scores a point (and vice-versa).