Does anyone know how to make an invisible text that takes up space but not actually displayed?

First why would I need this because
I have my text with Center Alignment It’s perfect for my UI
in this case

I have this text “Space (with a lot of space bar presses) + ending with a dot .”
The result is fine alignment is fine but I wonder how to do it without actually typing a dot . at the end because when the . is removed the alignment is wrong it does not take the empty space to calculate the alignment.

Or it is impossible or I need to modify the font to make an empty font or it can be done idk if there is an empty character exists?

Edit: I need the space to place my object there or I just need to give up and align left then place my object next to the text but it will ruin some of my events

Alignment does not work with single line of text. Also adding bunch of spaces without any letter or dot at the end worked fine for me.

Can you share a screenshots of the (text + object) with the dot vs without the dot, so I can understand more what might be the issue? Also a screenshot of the events might help.

Hi, Thanks for helping but now I just fixed my game and UI to be more maintainable by having 2 different text boxes and some events.