Does Gdevelo support Constants?

Hello everyone,

This is my very first day on GDevelop [former Construct 2 developer], and wanted to know if GDevelop supports the use of constants? I looked in the online learning resources, Google, and YouTube and could not find any information.

If you’re not familiar, a constant is simply a global variable that has a read-only value, you reference throughout the game [e.g., Go_Right = 0; once set, you can reference the value throughout the game [if direction= Go_Right then …, but you cannot change the value once you have set that value the first time].

Any help, workaround you have is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time/help.

GDevelop doesn’t do constants.

BTW, constants are declared, and the value declaration can be changed in the editor as often as you like. However, the constant cannot be modified by the code itself. So in your example, if you decvded Go_Right should be 2, then you just change it in the declaration, as often as you like.

Thank you for the reply, too bad its not supported yet [maybe/hopefully it will in a future release].

Thank you again for the quick reply.