Does pathfinding work on a background that contains custom collision masks?

Hi there, is it possible to use mouse pathfinding for a character that is on a background set up to use multiple custom collision masks.

When I try to do this, the character is frozen in place, but their animation states change correctly when I click around, but they can’t move from their origin point.

Hi there, yeah collision masks have a lot of problem if they’re not convex:


I think having options for multiple is if you want one part of the convex chapes to do something different, example being a boss’ weakpoint so the player’s attacks deal more damage.

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: I made sure to avoid concave when creating the custom masks, there is no alert in the mask editor.

As a side note, please keep in mind the standard pathfinding behavior does not care about collision masks at all.

It only cares about objects with the pathfinding obstacle behavior, and that behavior only takes into account the AABB (full object sprite square).

If you use the a* pathfinding extension it can take slightly more specific collision masks into account, but it is still not exact.

Many thanks @Silver-Streak, I found your previous response to this limitation, sorry I forgot to update my post. Let me know if I should delete this one.

This might be off topic and I apologize but it is about the bounding box.

Do you know why rotated objects become passable? Shouldn’t the bounding box adjust? I’m talking about just 90°. It you rotate a rectangle the bounding box should match the image. I understand if it’s 45° the image wouldn’t match the bb but it should still work as an obstacle when rotated. It just might create a larger area. But at times a rotated object becomes passable.