[DONE 5.2.165] Add 3d object animation

Update: GDevelop nos supports 3D animations.
Read the release notes here: Release 5.2.165 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

With the new 3d object, you can use a .glb file as the object. This is awesome, but it is lacking something. Animations. I was thinking, similar to how normal sprites use separate images for animations, why not use separate .glb files as the “frames”. Or, you could use animation data in the .glb file, but that be a pain. This would allow for more detailed games.


I second this although not sure about using separate 3d objects as frames. That would probably not be very performant. But using animation data (as long as you know what your doing) would be a really great feature

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.glb supports animations and bones, so maybe they can add it, off topic tho i cant wait for the engine to get to the point to where we can develop games for VR