[Done] Clicking the color picker away

I don’t know about you, but I’m used to clicking outside to close menus, instead of clicking back on the buttons… but GD won’t allow that. You need to click on the color picker button to open it, and you need to click on it again to close it.
I end up clicking an average of four times around the color picker before going for the button.
Am I the only one bothered by that? Is it a bad habit I should stop? :sweat_smile:


haha, you’re not alone there. I keep doing the same thing before remembering the ‘trick’ to get it to register. I even noticed it happening on a youtube review of gdevelop from ‘GamesfromScratch’ which took him a few goes to get the colour picked.

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This color picker have some troubles indeed :laughing:


And some of the color pickers appear too far down, away from the clicky box and the default color palette gets partially hidden by the taskbar. I’ve noticed that especially the particle emitter.

But the clicking problem happens on all the pickers.