[Done] Delete all instance of an object

Hello all,
in my game I’m creating an enemy every 2 seconds.
I want to destroy all if I collide with one in particular.

But I don’t understand how to destroy all instance and not only the collided one.
I have tried with the group but i t doeasn’t work. Any idea ?


this is a little bit tricky, because in the actions GDevelop will work only those instances, wich are selected by the condition. but if you keep this in mind, will be easy to figure out a solution. for example I would create a variable and set its value to 0 if the collision happens. than in an another action I check if the variable’s value is 0, and so on…

There is a condition for “Pick all objects”


wow! it escaped my attention! thank you!

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Thanks !!!
I decide to use “pick all” solution