[Done] Gdevelop multiplayer

Multiplayer is now available on GDevelop Release 5.4.203 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

Most of us, used firebase, in order to make leaderboards. The process was not too easy, mainly in time consumption terms.
Thanks to the liluo online leaderboards, this was simplified, and made easier, mainly for users without any knowledges about firebase, lists or Gdevelop.

In the case of multiplayer, currently, we need to rely into an external platform to host the peer or mqtt server software, configure it and more. In the case of p2p, the default or “native” Gdevelop multiplayer method, it’s also unsafe, unless you play with people you trust (can leak your IP). MQTT is more difficult to implement, also to find a free MQTT server, and that has an acceptable performance (because in the MQTT case, if I’m not wrong, all the traffic cooming from the players need to go throughout the server and then back to the players).

Due to that, I propose having a liluo multiplayer service, that allows a safe, native, and easy to setup experience, like new leaderboards.


In my experience, multiplayer always has been a headache, not only because of it’s setup, also due to the complexity of making it fully working: managing network instability (it can desync everything), player and object replication, etc.