[DONE]🌻 Little improvements on the Mobile App

Hey y’all :sunflower: I am looking for 5 users to try a little update on the Mobile App before June 11th.
Would you be willing to help?

I am looking for:

  • Users from any level (beginner to advanced)
  • Who can execute their test on tablet or desktop (not on their phone)
  • Who can and accept to record (I use the chrome extension Bubbles) their screen -and narrate- while they’re executing their actions
  • Who have a stable internet connection, and are somewhere calm to try the improvements.

There is no need to prepare anything in advance. Your current level of expertise is enough. I am evaluating the design, not your technical abilities.

If you’re interested, please answer to this topic, and I’ll send you a Message with the full instructions, as well as the link where you can try the improvements.


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Hi, I’d be happy to help out.

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If it will help improve gdevelop i am in

But i think you should put instructions in OP on what we are expected to do
Or at least little bit of what to expect from your requests

Any1 who is agreeing to help is going blindfolded not knowing what to expect
What if in your instructions there will be something someone may not wanna do or will be unable for one reason or another?
No one want to agree to help and then say “sorry i can’t don’t count on me”
It is as if you ask someone to promise that said person will do what you will ask them to do
And it can be something from taking picture of night sky to jumping off the cliff

I really doubt there will be anything that scary in your instructions but that is just my suggestion

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I see what you’re saying.
It is true that explaining what will happen can help anxious users or people with ADHD anticipate what is coming. Unfortunately I cannot say what they’ll be using. :ninja:t3:

BUT, I can share the instruction message that other users will get if they want to help (which basically explains how to participate):

  1. Make sure that their screen an audio recording works (testing the screen and the microphone before opening the feature is highly recommended).
  2. Open the link to try the feature (which will take the person to an interactive prototype), and start the recording.
  3. Start trying the feature (the prototype will give the instructions of which activity to do)
  4. Taking their time to read, to think and to narrate what they’re experiencing.

Note: It is important that the person narrates what they’re thinking while they’re using the new feature: what the find confusing, what they don’t like, or even if there’s a nice thing that they saw and appreciate.

I hope this information helps. :slight_smile:

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If you’re still interested @ZeroX4 I will send you the link via private message. :slight_smile:

More than enough
That looks like proper way to inform ppl what they are expected to do
I have ADHD and i am anxious but that don’t change the fact no one want to sing the deal before he understand or know what he is agreeing to

I once told you already i am man of my word
I did not need to know what is ahead i just pointed out suggestion

So as in my OP i am all in if that helps improve gdevelop

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I am interested and willing to help.

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Hit me up, happy to get involved

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Anytime! :+1: ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

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I can, I do not promise that quickly, but I can

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I’m available too if you’re still looking for testers.

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