[DONE] Object Folders

Object folders are now live on version 5.2.178. Read the release here: Release 5.2.178 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub.
Thank you all for your help, and for contibuting to make GDevelop a better product.

Something I feel that could help a lot with using the interface when making levels would be a folder system in the list of objects. It would be useful for organizing all of the assets for a level or game so they can be divided up by things like stage, type of object, NPCs, player characters, items, and so on. I feel like this would come in really handy when you have lots of objects you are working with. If this does already exist, can you please point me to it?

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You should post this in subcategory feature requests

You have a tags and filter system, click on object on list

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Thanks for pointing that out, can’t believe I haven’t been using this feature (tags). Thanks again!