[DONE] Refresh modified assets

Refreshing assets is now live on 5.2.178, along with https://forum.gdevelop.io/t/feature-request-object-folders/2109. Here’s the release: Release 5.2.178 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub.
Thank you all for answering our questions and contributing to make GDevelop a better product.

Currently, the only way to reload the assets for an object (or all objects ) is to restart Gdevelop, which is annoying. The main reason I need this is because I am using ldtk to design my levels, and there is no way to set up collisions for an ldtk file, so I use invisible platform objects, but if I make any changes, they will not appear in the editor, and this impossible to set up platforms for it.


I think this has been requested before. Not quite sure where it’s on the dev list, but 100% needed.

A slightly quicker way is to go to file, close project then re-open recent.

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Hey imnotdream!

Thank you for your message.
I do have a user on my notes that reported something similar than this: they said that they modified their objects on their image editing software, to later over write the local file. Indeed the changes weren’t visible immediately after on GDevelop so they have to restart the project.

Could you explain if what you’re experiencing is the same/similar to what I just described and it it’s not the case, where does it vary?

Thank you!

yes, this is very similar(in fact, that often happens to me as well), but with tilemaps instead. The workaround with images(open the one that needs to be refreshed with piskel, then save) does not apply to tilemap files.

If you are trying to upload a image that have the same name as a pre-existent one, be you sure you are going to the resources tab (under project preferences), and delete the respective resources before uploading another with the same name.

does that apply to tilemap .ldk files?

Anything you want to upload that has literally the same name and file extension as another, yes.

That sounds pretty much correct from my side. The editor seems cache the original image until the project is closed and re-opened or you use an entirely different name for the image.

A few things to note through;

  • This only seems to happen when using an external editor such as Aseprite.
  • Using the built in editor of piskel does refresh the image after saving it.
  • Deleting the resource from the resource area and re-adding it does not refresh the image.
  • The image changes are correct in a preview.

Below is a quick example of this happening in action.


Thank you for answering!
I am adding your examples to my notes (thank you @Eiklahc for the video! it really helped!)


This is still an issue, it’s not a huge deal since I just have to reopen GD to see the new files. The biggest issue is just placing points on the new objects, hence the restart.