Don't know how to store questions and answers


I am just starting with gdevelop. Here’s what I have in mind and I don’t know if it even works and where to start. If you have tips to read or something that will get me further: thank you!

I want to make a kind of guessing game: I ask someone a question and e.g. by sorting cards or clicking on options the player gives his answer. The exact game principle I’m still thinking about.

My basic question now is this: How can I save the questions and the answers and thus define the rules. I want to be able to expand the questions and answers later. The “game board” does not actually change. It is the same for every question.

Question 1: Which notes belong to a G major chord?

The user can choose from all 12 tones and must now click on the correct three.

So I need a place where I can basically store the following:
Question - here, for example, “Which notes belong to a G major chord?”
Answer G,B,D - these could simply be numbers 1-12 for example and I can store somewhere else which number is which tone and store somewhere else which object is which number…

And from these questions I have then quite a lot incl. answers.

From this “array” of questions and answers I then want to randomly select one per round and show it to the user.

Do you have an idea here, how I can start or where I can read or view something about it?

Thanks a lot!