Don't running game html5, it stops at 100%

Hello everyone

I am testing with my first game on hmtl5, and export the project and upload all files to my host on the web.

Now, for example, when I try to open in the browser the game opens but stops at 100%

Does someone help me with this? will it be that I need to do something else?


Hi there Angelica !

I tried to access your website ,but keep on getting this message …
404 - Not Found
The page you are trying to access does not exist.
If this error persists, please contact the website webmaster.

Did you remove the game ? If you still need any help just let me know .


The url that I wrote is just an example.

Thanks for answering

Someone can help me, the screen looks all black, reaches 100% and does not advance :confused:

Is it only happening with that one project or have you tried others that worked?

Check the error message in the browser console (Shift+Ctrl+I / Shift+Ctrl+K depending on the browser)

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘zOrder’ of undefined
at gdjs.LayerPixiRenderer.addRendererObject (layer-pixi-renderer.js:73)
at gdjs.LayerPixiRenderer.changeRendererObjectZOrder (layer-pixi-renderer.js:93)
at gdjs.TextEntryRuntimeObject.gdjs.RuntimeObject.setZOrder (runtimeobject.js:376)
at gdjs.RuntimeScene.createObjectsFrom (runtimescene.js:168)
at gdjs.RuntimeScene.loadFromScene (runtimescene.js:114)
at gdjs.SceneStack.push (scenestack.js:52)
at gdjs.RuntimeGame.startGameLoop (runtimegame.js:265)
at index.html:92
at runtimegame.js:252
at gdjs.HowlerSoundManager.preloadAudio (howler-sound-manager.js:263)
DevTools failed to parse SourceMap:

I have not tried to upload another game to the host, I uploaded my game to the host because I want to try consulting data from my database to show it in the game

Hi Angelica De Leon,

I kinda vaguely remember that happening to me before. Could have been a code error on my part. Might have been audio too. Really sorry i can’t remember how it was solved previously.

Have you also tried running the same game on different browsers? Some browsers seem to have more issues

Yes, I tried it in Chrome, IExplorer and Firefox, the game can not be started

Check this commit: Fix Text Entry crash on HTML5
It just overwrites two functions as empty to avoid the crash, the error is already fixed for the next version. Add the same code to your exported game, the file to edit should be located at:


I already found the problem, I was exporting the wrong project (a project that I used as an example). I am already running my project and everything is fine.

Thanks for your help :smiley:


I’m not sure but from the error message, it seems like you have an object ‘pixi’ and it’s zorder is undefined hence it’s looping and not starting

Check the commit above, Text Entry objects have no renderable objects (they are invisible), but anyway GD tries to change a property (‘zOrder’, and then ‘layer’ IIRC) of this undefined render object :wink: